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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: plastic
  • Type: Fish Bell/Alarm
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: white
  • Support: dropshipping


1. Sensitive response-After the bait is used, you will hear this fishing alarm, and the indicator light will light up to remind you that the fish is hooked, so it is a good assistant for fishing at night.

2. Usage-Clip the fishing alarm on a pole, then pass the fishing line through the knob, and the light will light up when catching fish.

3. Easy to carry-The fishing alarm is small in size, which makes it easy for you to carry the fish bag with you without taking up too much space.

4. 1 button cell-This fishing alarm comes with 1 button cell, which can be used immediately after receiving the package.

Product features:

A, automatic power-on after locking, automatic power-off after unloading, without taking out the battery.

B, two luminous colors, which distinguish the waiting state and the state with fish biting hook.

C, adaptive static state and slow flashing red light to display the position of the fishing rod.

D, when a fish bites the hook, it immediately turns to green light and flashes quickly, reminding anglers to lift the rod to collect the fish in time.


Material: plastic 

Color: white 

1. High-tech precision detection, flashing red light when the fish bites the hook, not letting go of any chance of catching fish; 

2. Ultra-high brightness display with a visual distance of 100 meters;

3, high brightness LED green light positioning display, staring at the eyes for a long time will not be tired;

4, diverse styles, suitable for a variety of fishing methods.

5. Ultra-long green light standby time-The battery can be used continuously for 60 hours’

6. Bring your own waterproof locking switch without removing the battery

Package Included:

1 * fishing bite alarm


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